Mission Statement

Based on the fundamental precept that historical and traditional knowledge, skills, techniques and technology maintain tremendous use and resource value into the current era, it is vital that they should be retained and implemented as functional aspects of modern life, the Temporalia House Foundation for a Livable History has been established to serve a two-fold Mission.


The first is to provide a repository of relevant historical documents, historic personal narratives and oral histories of historical lifestyles and domestic and household management skills and knowledge in both physical and digital formats.

This is Temporalia House. It is not a "living history museum." It is a fully outfitted and  functioning full-time immersive historical home. All of the furniture, fixtures and appliances were produced before World War II, and are appropriate to the working and emerging middle class of the Great Depression and before.


This is a full-time home, not a part-time job for Mr. F. who has lived there since 2014 slowly building the household infrastructure and environment, a still-ongoing endeavor. 

The house itself, located on North Ontario Street in the heart of the Vistula Historic District, was built in 1887. It is a two-story single family cottage built in the architectural style known as "Modern Design," which was common for homes in the working and emerging middle classes of industrial urban areas.


The exterior does not have most of the features typical to the larger homes in the upper-class homes in Vistula, but the interior does have most of the same features as the larger Queen Anne, Italianate and Arts and Crafts homes are adorned with.

The second is to provide a public Livable History Research and Resource Center to distribute information from the repository and provide education and consultation for the adaptation of historic knowledge and abilities into a modern lifestyle and household management plan in ways which are applicable to modern lifestyle needs across the socioeconomic spectrum to improve people's quality of life dramatically while lowering critical household and lifestyle expense and to ensure continuity of transmission of heritage living skills and knowledge to generations in the future.

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